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This is my first time blogging a post on a group, please excuse me. I just wanted to provoke some fun for everyone. Something the whole group can take part in. And thank you. (I've only played DA 2, so it's limited to that game. But if people enjoy it, I'd like to do one for the others eventually for all of you too, if you'd like.)

Here is something fun and interesting to think about. Now, one of the best things about Dragon Age is all the love interests and their romances. And they all have their high points and low points. But I believe some prove their love more actively than others, even if they show it differently. Here is the list of most loving LI to least loving LI for Dragon Age 2, in my opinion, and why. (I realize, a lot of this can just be companionship status. For example, if you have high enough friendship, most of this happens anyway.  But there are some things that make them even more special with romance. Warning, spoilers!)

#1 - Fenris ~ Originally I had Isabela at the top. But, I changed my mind (not because he's my favorite) because his change goes deeper. Let me explain. Fenris IS simply put, an abuse victim. He is consumed by hatred, never trusts, and is always on the run. And for good reason (damn you Danarius). Despite this, he stays right beside you throughout the entire game, even though he's still being hunted and he has no proof you'll help him stay free. Given his record, he's never stayed for anyone before, or gotten to know anyone before. But he does with you. It goes farther. He isn't touchy feely, not good at expressing emotion, especially not endearment. He has never felt endearment towards another before that he can remember. But, he pushes past that to say things he'd never say to anyone else. Like "I am yours." And he means it, he stays, proving it. Also, for the rest of the game he wears tributes to mark his loyalty to you. Lastly, but most importantly,  at the end.... If you side with mages, he expresses his opinion but says he will not abandon you. He HATES mages full heartedly, believes they are all evil to the core. Yet, becomes loyal if you work with him, even if you're a mage, turns against his very deep set belief to stay with you, and puts aside his hatred for his love of you. This is akin to Anders putting aside his hatred of Templars for you and helping them secure the Circle against all his beliefs. This is like an abuse victim standing up for their abusers not because their scared but because you asked them to. And, the best part, he doesn't stay bitter about it or hate you for making him choose it but accepts. He laughs about the irony, begs you not to die, and expresses how you're the most important thing in his life outright. After something so difficult as going against everything about his beliefs and his experiences, I could see him struggling a lot less than we'd think about becoming a father (since it's in a lot of fan fiction) and I can see him being a very devoted one too. The evidence with you adds up.

#2 - Isabela ~ You might be thinking, Merill should be next, Isabela is just a slut and liar. But, no, she comes next. Here is why. Just as with Fenris, Isabela makes her own changes to her character that are pretty substantial. In act 2, she's afraid, very afraid for her life. The Qunari are after her and a former business partner wants her dead if she cannot get the relic back. A very independent and proud person, as much as Fenris, she turns to you for help. Now, we all know she's not against using people to achieve her means. But, if you've progressed with her enough, she not only incurs the wrath of her business partner, but brings the relic to you, facing the Qunari head on, just for you. She proceeds to express remorse and regret for what she is and what she intended to do to you, but stays beside even so. Even after she gets a ship and can go anywhere she pleases, she chooses to stay. What's more, like Fenris, she wears a tribute to you, marking her admiration. Lastly, in the final battle, she cusses herself for getting into trouble, but doesn't even run and come back like before. She simply stays put. And she promises you that, when you look for her on the battlefield, she'll be right next to you. Admitting, as she does so, that she's finally found someone she truly wants to be with. People don't just change, there has to be something strong enough to make them. It takes a lot of love to change so much. (Just because I started this trend) Isabela would not make the best mother, but I think she'd willingly give it her best for you. She'd curse herself for the trouble, but, wouldn't leave your side.

#3 - Sebastian ~ After deciding Fenris came first for the huge change he makes, and Isabela second, it was a little hard to pick which came next, Merill or Sebastian. They are damn near straight up tied for me. But, after much debate, I think Sebastian comes next. Like Merill, he is very trusting of you and sweet. What puts him ahead is that, the trust runs so deep, he not only consults you for personal matters, but matters concerning whole kingdoms. He ultimately places the decision of who rules Starkhaven in your hands, and also trusts you enough to support the idea of you becoming Viscount. And, he loves you enough to want to be with you, even if it means he cannot be intimate with you. Even if you establish his mindset to taking up leadership, he stays to his belief of not taking your honor and virtue as a lady until he has accomplished the task set before him by you and marries you as a Prince. He holds true to his virtues, never deceiving you of his intentions, but still remaining loyal to them. In the end, he does swear to take revenge on Anders and will not stand with you if you do not execute the apostate. Again, this is him openly proving his loyalty to his ideals. However, if Anders dies, he will support you no matter the decision, wanting only to show Anders what true justice is and see him pay for spilling innocent blood. (Still a bit of a bummer. But, at least he doesn't lie to you.... Anders.... lol) He'd make a very good father, simply put. Ready and willing to do his very best.

#4 - Merril ~ Alright, she comes next because she just straight up wants to love you and be friends. She's sweet, naive, but sweet and openly shows desire for friendship from the very beginning. She comes fourth because, she goes through these terrible consequences because of, and becomes very angry with you for not supporting, her decisions on the Eluvian. She is dedicated to it through and through and will not be deterred, but stays true to her cause openly. She trusts you with everything she cares about most, matters regarding her people. She is always willing to try her best to help you through every challenge and even admits to being aware of the dangers of blood magic. Asking you personally to come with her to speak to a dangerous demon and trusting you to KILL her if she becomes possessed. It takes a lot of love and trust to ask someone to put you down if you can no longer live freely. When everything is said and done, she looks to you for what she should do with her life, now that she cannot be apart of her people. And, in the end follows you, through everything if you've gained her loyalty. (Yes, loyalty. You can't just have trust and loyalty if you do not try with the person you seek it from That's just common sense.) All in all, she is a very cute romance. She would make a very loving mother, excited and happy to be one.

#5 - Anders ~ Yes, Anders is last. But, it isn't because he blew up the Chantry. Despite his best efforts, Anders cannot deny his love for you. Like Fenris does with mages, he complains constantly about Templars and seeks for your help against his enemies. Sounds about normal, right? But, unlike the others, what makes him last.... He uses you and lies to get your help at the end of the story, even if you gain his loyalty. Now, in his defense,  in a way, dedicating himself to lying to you to spare you from the guilt of HIS actions speaks of some deep love. But, it falls shorter than the others, because you start to figure out your being tricked and watch the Chantry go up in flames all the while knowing that you had a hand in its destruction. Which, consequently, does not spare you from guilt. Even if you do not care about the Chantry, or the supposed innocents that died, if you support him full on, I'm pretty sure we can all agree, we at least wanted to know what what we were getting into. The fact remains, love comes with trust, which is why Kaidan's reaction in Mass Effect 2 pissed off so many fans. And Anders did not trust you enough to tell you what was happening in the first place,  which reflects poorly on his proof of love. However, he still loves you, and there is evidence to prove it. He can be nearly convinced to give up his plan, he himself goes to admit this, and Justice stops him. In fact, most of his mistakes could probably be held accountable by Justice and not Anders directly. Still, he could've tried to tell the truth from the start, but, anyhow.... He does warn you that he is dangerous and that he may break your heart from the beginning. He loved you enough that, by warning you and trying to keep you out of his rebellious endeavors, he was trying to spare you from the hurt. And, though he can be convinced to join the Templars, he does say he wishes for suicide. Though, yes, he can be persuaded to go against his beliefs. He would make a very idealistic father, but a good intentioned one that does want the best for his family. Even if his family will be broken.

All in all, it is clear every LI in Dragon Age 2 truly loves Hawke in their own way. Some are just better at proving it, much like real life. And, whoever you choose, you are in for an amazing romance. Please, by all means, comment on who you choose and why. I'd love to hear about it. Feel free to tell me what you think about the list as well. Have fun you awesome people, lol.
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